Get certified in extensions and open the door to becoming a six-figure stylist.

Master the methods with Donna Bella Hair online stylist education. Get certified by a trusted brand with over 20 years of experience and learn everything you need to know to start offering extensions to your clients.

  • Increase Your Profits

    Boost your earnings up to 3x and drive higher profitability

  • Increase Your Impact

    Offer more solutions to your clients than ever before

  • Expand Your Career

    Level up your business with hair extension mastery

What Will I Learn?

Client Consultations

How to color match, choose the right method, and purchase the right amount of hair

Pricing Strategies

How to price your services competitively by cost of the hair or by the row

Proper Installation

Learn hair sectioning, placement, cutting, blending, move-ups and removals

Customization Techniques

Wow your clients with installs designed to meet their unique needs and concerns

Do's And Don'ts

Our experienced stylists explain best practices so you can avoid costly mistakes

Aftercare & Maintenance

Educate your clients on proper care to maximize the lifespan of their extensions

What Certified Cenzi Beauty Stylists Are Saying

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Meet Your Educator

Bailee Reiter, Lead Educator

Baelee is the Lead Educator for Donna Bella Hair and has been with our stylist education team for 10 years. She is a salon owner who works full-time behind the chair in North Dakota and is also a mom of 3. Offering hair extensions, she says, has changed her career and her life by boosting her clientele and income— 70% of her current clientele wear hair extensions. Baelee is passionate about education and helping other stylists get certified.

Looking For More Personalized Training?

We offer custom virtual coaching! Tell us what you want to learn more about and we will connect you with a DBH Educator.